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August 2021 round-up

An account of what I overheard, learned, loved, questioned, detested, discovered, cooked, and tasted in August of 2021

Last tended on Aug 30, 2021


August was more Autumn-y than I had expected.

In the neighborhood

I've seen it a hundred times already, but it wasn't until I recently had impromptu takeout from The Bab that I realized how curious I am about Korean cuisine. This is not to say that I think The Bab is the height of authenticity, but it's great to have an alternative to Japanese food in the neighborhood.

Another excellent discovery on the food front is Baires Empanadas. Their empanadas come with little codes indicating ingredient and flavors.

Any woman(esque) person who wants to learn more about fixing things around the house should consider taking a Femtech course.

Femtech course

New recipes

As a southern girl, my favorite type of vlaai is kruimelvlaai. I usually only eat it when I'm in Limburg, but I found an amazing recipe that I made one weekend, and I only say I'm proud of my first attempt.

What presented itself as an instant weeknight favorite is this beet, orange and arugula Salad from the New York Times Cooking website.


Rather an overread, but one of the many newborn cards at the doctor's office read "we hadn't expected that we'd fall in love after just one look". I hope for that baby that they were hand-picked from an adoption line-up.