Simmering down is a challenge this week. I wake, daily before 6am, and jump straight into the day. My jump doesn’t land me in a FOMO-inducing Instagram feed or a busy news site, but on a blank screen that waits eagerly as I type my 1,000 words of the morning. It’s another one of the Habits I picked up this autumn. Me, the darkness outside, and a soft light in the living room acquainting me with the day. It’s pleasing to meet myself, unfiltered.

It’s also one of the few moments of solitude and focus I allow myself this week, apparently. Now that I’m beginning to reintegrate back into work at [[ Public/_notes/Leeruniek ]], I seem to have forgotten how much down time my body still requires. I’ve received a work assignment, on which I’ll get to work independently, and I’m excited. Curious. Hungry. On the cusp of small-scale overdrive. I had to stop working precisely because of this.

It’s boring.

Then I remember and old way to find calm and relaxation. The voices of Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant, telling me about stuff I should know.

What’s top of mind right now

  • Saw Hannah Gadsby’s Body of Work and had a brief, cogent crush on her
  • Saw a large number of Twitter folks join the much kinder Mastodon club. I’m slowly beginning to feel comfortable about the platform, and how it invites me to share my thoughts.
  • I’m thinking a lot about what ex-Twitter designer Jon Bell said about Twitter’s user experience trajectory. I keep saying out loud how central the difference between doing the right thing and doing the thing right is to the design work I do.